Our Story

MEDICILEAF was founded by Don Shaffer, a Sonoma County native with a passion for helping others.  When Don’s step father was diagnosed in 2013 with Parkinson’s disease, the harsh traditional pharmaceutical medications seemed to make him weak, unresponsive and clearly in pain.  Don decided to research Parkinson’s disease with the hope of finding an alternate relief to the pain and tremors.  While looking for alternatives, Don found that the natural healing power of cannabis might be the answer.

As an athlete, Don recalled that an old soccer friend use a topical cannabis mix over the years to alleviate pain.  Upon sourcing the special herbs and plant mixtures referred to him, Don began experimenting with various blends.  After months of trial and error, MEDICILEAF was successfully created.  The result was an effective topical spray, and a natural way to relieve pain instead of ingesting a pill.