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Muscle & Skin Gold Complex CBDa/CBD

Made with MCT oil, 500 mg CBD, 250 mg CBDA and all natural terpenes - 1 fluid oz (30 ml)
  • The color of our Gold Complex reflects the high quality CBDa extract that gives this product it’s potency. As the unrefined version of CBD, CBDa is found in live plants and is only converted to CBD by external means, usually heat. Although chemically similar, CBDa and CBD have different effects. The combination of the two results in an anti-inflammatory synergy that reduces muscular discomfort and swelling in a diversified fashion.

  • Gold Complex carries not only the benefits of CBD tinctures, but also an entirely new benefit matrix including nausea suppression and depression lifting.

  • 100% natural and third-party lab-tested. Distilled coconut MCT oil, Hemp CBD extract (Grown in USA), Cannabis essential oil, Non-GMO, pesticide-free, whole plant hemp extract and other naturally-occurring cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant.

  • This product uses no solvents in it’s manufacturing process. (very unique)

  • Contains CBDV and CBDVA (verons are used to clear receptor sites)

  • Contains 0.3% THC and is legal in all 50 states.



  1. All CBD in the natural raw plant is CBDa. When the hemp is exposed to heat or UV light, CBDa decarboxylates (changes) to CBD

  2. World’s first full spectrum hemp extract with non-decarboxylated CBDa stabilized after the extraction process

  3. Full Spectrum – Utilizing 100% of the Hemp Flower – All-natural terpenes retained and protected

  4. Rapid absorption when using this product sublingually

  5. High Alkaline – Helps protect the CBDa, CBD, and all the cannabinoids from being damaged by the alkaline mouth and acidic body

Place 1 or 2 servings (12.5 to 25 drops) under the tongue for approximately  60 seconds and then swallow. As the drops are placed under the tongue, the tongue is used to swab the inside of the gums, the cheeks, and upper palate to distribute the product (Subligually) to the entire mouth. If this process is done properly, you will have very little to swallow.

In Addition: This product is used for many different situations. I.E. morning wakefulness, stress throughout the day, or restorative recovery at night. For these reasons people take this product at different times.

Do not use this product if you are having serious medical issues, consult doctor if currently taking prescribed medications. CBD may increase the efficacy of pharmaceutical medications. Intended for users over 18 years of age or with permission of guardian.