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Top 7 Health Benefits of CBD Products

1 month ago

Pick a health problem and the chances are that there is some kind of CBD product out there that can help! Such are the wonders of this miracle herb. In this blog post, we thought we’d give you, our valued readers a primer on the top 10 health benefits of CBD Oil.

  1. CBD Oil for Pain Management

CBD Oil is fast becoming the go-to natural choice for pain management. This is because in recent years the potential of cannabidiol to offer therapeutic benefits for pain management have clearly come to light. CBD primarily helps with pain management because of the way it interacts with the range of proteins that are present in the central nervous system and the overall human body. In particular, CBD impacts the main CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system in the body.

While THC, the main psycho-active element in hemp, strongly binds to these very same receptors, CBD tends to have a completely opposite affect by inhibiting the natural cannabinoid molecule absorption. This is exactly what makes it effective in regulating pain while also inducing feelings of wellbeing.

As time goes by, more and more scientific research seems be validating these pain management claims of CBD which is why CBD products for pain continues to grow in popularity world over.

  1. CBD Oil for Inflammation

Second on the list of health problems for which CBD is sought after is inflammation. A recent study clearly brought to light, the potential of CBD to reduce chronic inflammation in animal testing. Again, the primary benefits are yielded from the non-psychoactive element of the marijuana plant – CBD.

CBD actually helps to systematically fight inflammation across the body by the manner in which it interacts with the endocannbinoid system. Inflammation in general is associated with a wide variety of diseases which is why CBD oil for inflammation has become highly sought after.

Chronic inflammation can be a tell tale sign that something worse is on the way. From type 2 Diabetes and various heart diseases to Alzheimer’s and even cancer, all have inflammation as one of the main symptoms. Mounting research tells us that CBD can help with its anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate these symptoms for individuals suffering from any of these diseases.

  1. CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression

Approximately 20% of the US population suffers from anxiety and depression. While in most cases, experts recommend that anxiety patients stay away from marijuana due to the fact that the psychoactive elements can trigger even greater paranoia, when it comes to CBD, its another story.

The key here is to opt for CBD products that have just a minimal trace of THC or no THC at all. Since CBD is a non-psychoactive element, it does not trigger any paranoia and on the contrary can be very effective against some common anxiety related behavioral disorders. From PTSD to general anxiety, social anxiety, OCD and panic disorder – CBD can help provide the much needed relief for patients going through these problems.

While the scientific studies regarding CBD oil’s ability to alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms is still in its preliminary stages, those who have tried it are willing to swear by its efficacy. When CBD enters the body it actually works to enhance both the glutamate cortical and serotonergic signaling, the low levels of which are the primary trigger for anxiety and depression. Anxiety and depression have long been the silent killers of humanity and CBD’s potential which is now coming to light could be the biggest game changer for this health and wellness issue for humanity.

  1. CBD Oil for Cancer

When it comes to game changing, perhaps nothing is as exciting and important as the potential health benefits of CBD for cancer patients. While, no one is claiming that CBD can actually help fight cancer, what we know from recent use cases is that CBD can in fact help to cope with cancer treatment related side effects. These usually manifest themselves as vomiting, nausea and pain which is what CBD can help fight against.

In an interesting study, CBD was tested out with cancer patients who had failed to notice any improvement in their condition when given regular pain medication but responded extremely well to CBD products.

The most prevalent cancer treatment, chemo therapy comes with its own set of side effects. One of the most common side effects is that of nausea and vomiting.  Since many patients experience these with normal medications, many are now seeking alternatives to help cope with these side effects and as more and more scientific research comes to light, we can see how and why CBD products are more effective in these circumstances. However, it is important to understand that all clinical studies conducted thus far are primarily based on animal testing and there is still a long way to go before CBD can claim to be a “cure”. Nonetheless, you will find people who have benefited extremely by incorporating the use of the right kind of CBD products in their cancer treatment plan.

  1. CBD for Blood Pressure

The marijuana plant is known to impact blood pleasure. In fact, when it comes to marijuana in its natural form, lowering the blood pressure is one of the factors that lead to you getting that “high”. However, in the absence of the main psychoactive element, THC, there are still benefits to be yielded from CBD present in the hemp plant.

The efficacy of CBD to lower blood pressure has been clearly demonstrated in some clinical studies where it came to light that patients reported a significant decrease in high blood pressure after being administered CBD. In these studies, even a single dose of CBD was seen as helping to lower blood pressure which is really quite remarkable. This is why blood pressure has become one of the leading health problems for which people seek out CBD products.

  1. CBD Products for Skin

CBD is revolutionizing the skin care industry. Just like the health benefits of CBD are coming to light regarding the issues of the inside, CBD is just as effective on the body’s surface as well. This is why you will find many skincare brands are now incorporating the use of CBD into their products.

Available in the form of CBD creams and lotions, CBD for skin care works primarily because of its ability to fight inflammation and reduce breakouts. Existing remedies for skin health problems like eczema and psoriasis work in the same way by attacking the inflammation. CBD works because it has powerful antioxidant properties that hasten the healing time required by your skin.

  1. CBD for Brain Health

The cannabinoids present in the marijuana plant are neuroprotective in nature. This means they can help to maintain and regulate overall brain health. It does this by removing damaged cells from the brain while at the same time improving the efficiency of mitochondria.

Once again, it is the powerful antioxidant compounds that are naturally found in the cannabis plant that help to reduce glutamate toxicity in the brain. When the brain has excess glutamate, the nerve cells receive extra stimulation and this causes the brain cells to be over-simulated leading to a host of brain health related problems.

This is why CBD has become a sought after substance to help prevent brain damage and maintain healthy functioning over a long period of time.

So there you have it folks, the Top 7 Health Benefits of CBD Products and now you know why the CBD industry has become on of the fastest growing industries in the world as of late!

Have you experienced the health benefits of CBD?

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