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Harnessing nature's miracles with the help of modern science.
Through our proprietary processes, culture of innovation and commitment to customer care, we bring to market, with great love and care, some of the finest Premium Grade CBD products for your overall health and wellness.

Our Story

In Search of an Alternative

Cheryl Heller & Don Shaffer

Founders & Partners for Life

Santa Rosa, California

Since 2013, Cheryl and Don have been experimenting with the medicinal and the natural powers of whole-hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD).

It all began when Don’s father was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2013. It was unbearable to watch how the harsh effects of traditional pharmaceutical medications made him weak, unresponsive, and in pain. Don and Cheryl decided to research this condition and others with the hope of finding an alternative. 

From Don’s semi-professional soccer career, he recalled a teammate who used a topical mixture to help alleviate muscle soreness.  Upon sourcing special herbs, plant compounds and many months of trial and error, Medicileaf topical spray was created.  Since then, the Medicileaf family of products have grown to include CBD tinctures, sleep aids, creams, and an all-new Sports Plus salve designed for athletes looking for advanced body and muscle recovery. Medicileaf currently offers its customers three categories of products that include: General Health and Wellness, Muscle and Skin as well as Sleep Health. 

Medicileaf testimonials have poured in about how our family of products have made a difference in people’s lives. We are humbled to provide an alternative solution to your well-being.

The Team

Meet our team of CBD experts and enthusiasts

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