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As fun as it is, Pickleball can be very demanding on the body. At Medicileaf, we understand that all too well since we absolutely love the sport! Our co-founders and team members have fallen in love with America’s fastest growing sport and our all natural premium grade CBD products seem to be a perfect fit. That is why, we’ve joined hands with the PPA and are offering you the opportunity to improve your game and overall wellness by making high quality CBD products available at exclusive discounted rates for the pickleball community!

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Whether you are a social or competitive pickleball player, Medicileaf is here to improve recovery and health. I proudly endorse Medicileaf.

Connor Pardoe, Commissioner of The PPA

CBD is a natural and effective way to help keep our athletes on the court. I have been amazed at how these products have eased muscle discomfort and impacted my recovery.

Conner Ogden, Head of Partnerships, The PPA

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