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Cannabinoid Bundles

Save up to $80 with our multi-cannabinoid bundles featuring our most popular products grouped together for specific health and lifestyle needs. Bundles include CBD Tincture, CBDA Tincture, CBD Salve, CBDA Roll-on and other hand-picked cannabinoid products.


Bronze Medal Cannabinoid Bundle

CBD Tincture | CBD Salve | Roll-on

Gold Medal Cannabinoid Bundle

Gold Complex CBDa | CBD Salve | Roll-on

Silver Medal Cannabinoid Bundle

CBN Night Cap | CBD Salve | Roll-on

The Pickleball Package

Gold Complex CBDa | CBD Salve | Topical Spray

Gold Complex CBDa | CBD Salve | Topical Spray


Triple Threat Sports Bundle

Platinum Pro Sports CBD Salve 5500 MG | CBDA Roll-on | Topical Spray