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CBN for Sleep: How and Why CBN Makes a Great All-Natural Sleep Aid

3 years ago

Learn more about how CBN has become the number one cannabis compound for sleep and how it differs from CBD and other naturally occurring cannabinoids.

Up until recently, CBD has been the cannabis compound creating all the buzz. However, breakthroughs in isolation techniques have given birth to a whole array of cannabinoids that are now sharing the limelight with CBD. At the forefront of this new rush of innovation in the cannabinoid world is CBN or cannabinol as it is also called. There’s good reason too, because scientists believe that it may be the most effective cannabinoid for sleep among the 200 naturally occurring cannabinoids.

CBN vs CBD: How are they different?

CBN and CBD are both compounds derived from the cannabis plant. Both are non-psychoactive and are believed to carry a host of therapeutic benefits. CBN differentiates itself because it happens to be the most sedative out of all the compounds. CBN is directly decomposed from THC but unlike THC, it will not make you high.

It is also important to understand the varying nature of different cannabinoids. Some cannabinoids like CBD are categorized as “broad” meaning, they are effective in addressing a host of health and wellness issues. From muscular discomfort to mental clarity and skin problems to stress, CBD products are used by people of all ages and for different health concerns. CBN on the other hand is categorized as a “narrow” cannabinoid, in that it very specifically targets sleep and anxiety with its sedative and calming properties.

Since CBN is its own molecule, none of the psycho-active elements of THC are transferred over. Hence, consumers will never experience any kind of mind-altering event nor will consuming CBN products for sleep cause you any problems in a drug screening.

CBN and Sleep: What do we know so far?

As a player in this space, we will be the first to acknowledge that while the industry has taken off, clinical research on CBD is still in its infancy. Scientists, government organizations and independent companies world over are stepping up their efforts to produce better data and breakthrough concrete evidence that will shed light on the full spectrum of benefits that can be derived from cannabinoid products. However, at this stage, there is little human based clinical research on CBN in particular, given that it is a rather newer discovery.

While research may be sparse, there are ways to understand how exactly CBN is able to work effectively as a natural sleep aid by looking at terpenes. In addition to cannabinoids, the hemp or cannabis plant contains a number of other compounds including terpenes. The cannabis plant gets its healing properties because of this synergy between the compounds naturally present in the plant and this is known as the entourage effect.

The cannabis plant is not the only plant that carries terpenes. In fact, it is widely believed that terpenes can be found in all kinds of plants. Research, both scientific and clinical conducted on a variety of different plants containing terpenes has brought to light their capability to assist with sleep and relaxation. This is why our CBN products are carefully crafted and combined with certain terpenes to create a proprietary blend that delivers results.

What makes Medicileaf CBN NightCap Special?

Our CBN Nightcap product is delivered in a wholesome MCT oil base with the endocannabinoid complex providing a smooth transition between wakefulness and sleep. This CBN tincture for sleep is 100% natural, contains no psychoactive ingredients and is third-party lab-tested for efficacy. Our products are 100% vegan and the cannabinoids are derived from pesticide free, USDA organic hemp grown in the USA. Ingredients include:

Hemp Oil CBD

CBD is the short name for cannabidiol, one of the two chemicals, among the dozens in cannabis, that have the most health benefits. It contains no psychoactive elements and is 100% safe.


Similar to other cannabinoids, CBN works with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help regulate a wide range of functions through the receptors located throughout the body. These functions include sleep, mood, appetite, nerve function, and more.


Oleamide is an endogenous sleep-producing lipid. It is great for helping with falling asleep, improving your mood, and increases your appetite.

Hops Hash

An extremely potent form of hops that is the result of the pelletizing process, hops hash adds to the all-natural calming effects of this product


Magnolol works as an anxiolytic, helping to lower anxiety and depression and reduce stress. It can also act as a sedative, directly helping to facilitate sleep.


Honokiol is a poly-phenolic compound that exerts neuroprotective properties through a variety of mechanisms. It has therapeutic potential in anxiety, pain, cerebrovascular injury, epilepsy, and cognitive disorders including Alzheimer’s disease.

Hops Extract

Scientific research shows that hops, with its natural sedative effects, can increase sleep time. Hops also helps to lower body temperature.

Sleep Promoting Terpenes

Terpenes can help in a variety of areas and certain terpenes, like Myrcene, have powerful sedative effects which are included in this product.

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