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Introducing ALOEMD PLUS Powered by Medicileaf – A Gamechanger in the Sports Recovery Industry

2 years ago

In a landmark move, Medicileaf Inc has partnered with HW&B Enterprises to introduce a patented cannabinoid-infused topical orthomolecular formulation that targets all types of pain and injury.

With this unique amalgamation of expertise around all-natural treatments for muscular discomfort, AloeMD Plus will change the way we look at topical treatments. With the help of Premium Grade Cannabinoids by Medicileaf, AloeMD Plus is able to not only tackle the symptoms but also the mechanisms that trigger them, all-naturally.

Developed by clinical doctors with the help of scientists with a patent that validates over 20 years of clinical science and research, AloeMD Plus is positioned to provide a drug free, NSAID Free, opioid-free alternative to pain and recovery issues.

To rapidly penetrate the market and put this revolutionary new product to test, the Partnership has launched AloeMD Plus into professional pickleball through the Pro Pickleball Association’s national tour. “Consumer response regarding AloeMD Plus’s effectiveness has been well received, as has been with professional athletes using the product for sports injuries,” said Christopher Hardy, HW&B’s CEO. “A recent GPOSO consumer survey returned 93% of respondents saying they feel that AloeMD will change the sports recovery industry,” said Hardy.

AloeMD Medicileaf

Medicileaf has long been a sponsor of the PPA, and with the explosion of pickleball as the fastest growing sport in the United States, the partners believe professional pickleball is the perfect way to introduce consumers to AloeMD Plus’s value for sports recovery. Don Shaffer, Founder & President of Medicileaf explains, “I’ve watched pickleball almost double since 2019 with the number of people playing fast approaching 5 million.” The PPA has also made headlines a lot in recent months, with national TV streaming deals and an acquisition by billionaire NHL franchise owner, Tom Dundon, and a goal of pickleball gaining entry into the 2028 Olympics as a demo sport.

Dayne Gingrich, a PPA Pro who is a fixture on the medal stand and recently won double-gold at the Nationals last Fall, says he will never step out onto the court without AloeMD Plus.

“AloeMD Plus has far exceeded our expectations as an alternative to the mainstream pain relief genre. Our mission with AloeMD Plus as with all of our signature products, is to provide alternative solutions to modern-day health issues utilizing natural and traditional bio-modifiers. We believe the body was designed to repair itself, and our products give it the chance to do just that naturally, without toxic chemicals such as Opioids, Steroids, and NSAIDs,” states Hardy. “And with pure, natural aloe vera as its base ingredient to the patented formula, there is little to no chance of side effects or contraindications with regular use.”

Medicileaf makes cannabinoid products and isolate ingredients. HW&B is a global skincare, health and wellness company that first launched in Europe and plans to sell worldwide. HW&B products are certified natural and contain the therapeutic benefits of pure, natural aloe vera that promote a healthier you – inside and out.

Medicileaf customers can now purchase the AloeMD Plus right here on our website.