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Standing Out in the CBD Industry – What makes us different?

2 years ago

The CBD Industry has exploded since the passage of the US Farm Bill in 2018 as the production and sale of CBD based products became federally legal. This opening of the doors for a brand new industry to flourish has seen many new players come into the market. However, for customers, its not always that easy to determine which CBD products to trust and which to avoid.

This is why its important for us to differentiate ourselves from the competition and we do this by bringing a unique mix of science, innovation and good old family run business ethics. Check out this video below that highlights our USPs and brings to light all the factors that make us a trusted and reliable brand in the CBD industry.

Designed with Athletes in Mind

While our first batch of products was developed out of necessity, as we saw the effectiveness of our products, we shifted our focus towards professional athletes. Athletes tend to put extra-ordinary pressure on their bodies and as a consequence suffer from all kinds of health conditions resulting from sports fatigue, injuries and the pressures to perform at the highest level.  This is why we partner with professional athletes and sports organizations to develop highly effective and targeted cannabinoid products. This approach allows us to truly test the effectiveness of our products as athletes are able to make the switch from harmful pain killers and sleeping pills to our all-natural cannabinoid based products to meet their health needs. 

Not Just a “CBD” Company

While our competitors try to ride the CBD wave and dish out generic products, we at Medicileaf leverage the full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids to create targeted and effective products. Through trial, testing and experimentation we have come to develop a deep understanding of the various cannabinoids and how they effect the body. This is why for example, we have a CBN based product for sleep because we know that CBN has the most powerful sedative qualities. This also helps to set us apart and gives us the opportunity to actually help others with a variety of health needs using our diverse range of products.

No Compromise on Quality

From seed to shelf, we have a no compromise attitude when it comes to product quality and consistency. We use only Premium Grade quality hemp to develop our products. Our distillates and isolates are sourced from a GMP certified extraction lab ensuring our customers get only the best products. In addition to this, all our products are third party lab tested for efficacy so that consumers know they are getting exactly what is promised on the label. This instills a sense of confidence in our customers as they know what to expect every time and can thus come to depend on our products. We also use a special blend of terpenes and other natural ingredients to further enhance the effects and benefits of our products like nothing else on the market!

So there you have it, all the factors that make us different from our competitors!
We’d like to thank our customers for trusting Medicileaf with their health and wellness journey and we look forward to serving you with quality cannabinoid products for years to come.