What is the Difference between CBD Tincture and CBD Oil

3 years ago

CBD oil and CBD tincture are often confused for one another. This is not only common among customers but in fact, many companies also use these terms interchangeably which is not entirely ethical to do despite the fact that both are relatively similar.

In terms of packaging and use, both CBD tincture and CBD oil are in fact very similar. Often available in tinted bottles to help protect from sunlight, both are used orally. Despite these glaring similarities, there are certain features that differentiate the two and in this blog post our aim is to help you understand what is the different between CBD tincture and CBD oil.

The ABC of CBD

CBD is cannabidiol, one of the almost 200 active elements found in the maurjuana cannabis and industrial hemp plants. This non-psychoactive element is best known for its medicinal properties whereas unlike THC, it does not create the euphoric effects.

In recent years, CBD has become extremely popular owing to its potential to help with a variety of health and wellness needs. As of 2018 and the passing of the Farm Bill, the growth and manufacturing of industrial hemp has gained legal status which has given rise to its availability in the market and use among consumers.

What is CBD Oil

Technically speaking, CBD oil is developed by pulling the CBD isolate from Cannabis Sativa. This is done through a process known as CO2 extraction. Then it is diffused into an oil which primary functions as a carrier making it easy for humans to consume. Most commonly, these carriers are all natural such as MCT oil, hemp seed oil or a coconut based oil. This insures that the medicinal properties of CBD are maintained and it is safe for humans to consume. CBD in its CBD Oil format is perhaps the most popular CBD product available in the market today. This is primarily because of its ease of use and direct ingestion that makes it highly effective.

What is CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture differs to CBD Oil in the sense that it is diffused in an alcohol-based solution. At times this might be alcohol and water-type solution. This tincture is created by saturating the hemp material into high-proof alcohol. Then it is slowly heated for a significant amount of time as this process allows the CBD molecules to get infused with the alcohol. Once this state is achieved, we are left with a liquid that can deliver CBD compounds directly to the body. For better taste, a number of manufacturers substitute the alcohol with a carrier which makes it better tasting and hence easier to consume.

There are some similarities between the two as well. Since both make use of CBD isolates that are extracted from various parts of Cannabis sativa including the flower, leaves and stalk. The major difference is that CBD Oil makes use of the CO2 extraction process whereas CBD Tincture infuses with alcohol or other substances like vinegar or glycerin. Both these substances also function as a stripping agent.

There are several benefits of making use of CO2 extraction over a stripping solvent like alcohol. This includes overall cost effectiveness and quality concentration. Additionally there is easy bioavailabilityof CO2 along with which it is a more sustainable approach. A safer extraction method also means higher potency and better overall health and wellness.

Difference in Ingredients Between CBD Oil and CBD Tincture

When it comes to CBD oil, CBD isolates and a carrier oil make up the two primary ingredients. Initially when CBD is extracted from the hemp material it is laid out to dry. However, in this state it is not exactly in the liquid form. Appearing in a salt like form, it is not really ideal for human consumption in this state. This is why CBD oil manufacturers introduce a carrier oil and once infused as a fat soluble molecule it gels together just like the lipids that are found inside essential oilds. This effortless binding to the oil molecules is what makes it fit for human consumption.

CBD oil comes with a variety of carrier bases. The most commonly used ones include olive oil, hemp seed oil and MCT oil. The most popular among these is MCT oil which is a coconut based essential oil that is available in high quality. The reason why MCT oil is more effective than other carriers is because it provides maximum efficiency when it comes to absorption and digestion.

CBD tinctures also make use of both the CBD isolate as well as carrier oil. However, unlike the oil, CBD tinctures tend to have a few more ingredients. This includes all natural terpenes, essential nutrients, some other cannabinoids and even flavoring. These ingredients are used in various combinations to create diverse blends that can be tailored for different medical conditions.

Is CBD Oil better or CBD Tincture?

Having learned about the differences between CBD Oil and CBD Tinctures, the question now is which of these is better for you. Well, it depends! In essence, both CBD oil and tinctures work in similar ways since most of the medicinal properties are the same. Most people just make the preference based on flavor!