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What to Expect When Getting Started with Cannabinoids?

3 years ago

If you’re looking to get started with cannabinoid therapy for your health and wellness needs, then its extremely important to understand what to expect. Setting the right expectations will allow you to properly experience the benefits, listen to your body and find the right mix of cannabinoid products for yourself.

So many people fall into the trap of trying out a particular cannabinoid product and upon not feeling anything in that very instant, decide it doesn’t work for them. This is the wrong approach, because depending on your needs, the potency of the product and your particular health conditions, the results may vary greatly between different people. However, there’s a better way to go about doing all of this.

Many newcomers face the same problem and not knowing what to expect, sets them up for disappointment. In the same way, when you’re starting out any new vitamin or supplement, you need to figure out what works best for you with cannabinoids too.

There are some things you can take into consideration in order to set the right expectations.

How potent are the cannabinoids?

When starting out, people tend to play safe and go for the lowest possible concentration. Many times, with experience, they realize that they need a much stronger potency to reach their health and wellness goals. We’ve seen many of our customers start out with our 300 MG CBD Tincture then gradually upgrading all the way to 1500 MG CBD Tinctures. This is the correct approach and its exactly how we recommend you get started with cannabinoids. Take a medium to low potency product and use it according to the recommended dosage for 4-6 weeks. At the end of this period, you’ll be in a better position to know whether you need to increase the potency or maintain the same strength.

How consistent are you with your Cannabinoid intake?

Not only do you need to ensure you’re taking the correct recommended dosage at the right time, you  also need to make an effort to maintain a healthy overall routine to give your body the chance to heal itself with the help of cannabinoids.

How responsive are you to changes in your body?

We recommend that you listen to your body. When you take any type of cannabinoid product, you are investing in yourself to build a better, healthier future. Pay keen attention to even the slightest changes in your body and the way you feel. The more responsive you are to the changes in your body, the better you will be able to understand how cannabinoids work for you exactly.

Have Patience!

Each individual body reacts differently to different cannabinoids. While following the recommendations above, we also remind you to have patience if you don’t see immediate results and go through the process of discovering the right cannabinoid products for you. Just know that if this stuff can help relieve health and wellness problems for professional athletes, there surely must be some combination out there that is well suited to your needs. While some may see next to instant results, for others it might need a little more time, so have patience!

How good is the quality of cannabinoid products you are using?

If you’re doing everything right and still not experiencing any major health and wellness gains, then its perhaps time to reflect on the quality of the products that you are using. The cannabinoid industry has become the new gold rush and there are many new, unvetted manufacturers making poor quality products with larger than life claims. Instead, opt for only premium quality cannabinoid products like Medicileaf, that are vetted by real professional athletes, manufactured at a GMP secured facility and third-party lab tested for efficacy and purity!

We hope this article will help you set the right expectations and allow you to go through with the process of finding the right cannabinoid products for your specific health needs.

Got questions about cannabinoid products? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at info@medicileaf.com and we’ll get you in touch with a cannabinoid expert.