CBD for Athletes – Still on the fence about CBD? Watch this!

1 year ago

Professional athletes are the closest thing to real life superheroes wouldn’t you agree?
They push their bodies to the limits in search for glory. But glory comes at a price.

All those hours of rigorous training and the stress of high level competition can take a toll on even the best of us.

Unfortunately, for the longest time, just like everyone else, professional athletes have had to depend on harmful painkillers, addictive sleeping pills and other synthetic medicines to find relief and to be able to continue doing what they love doing. With the widespread acceptance and legality of CBD, athletes now have a new all-natural alternative and they are making the switch for good.

We work closely with professional athletes and put our products to the test with these superheroes.

If you’ve ever questioned the effectiveness of cannabinoid-based products, including CBD oil, CBDA tinctures, and multi-cannabinoid salves, take a moment to listen to what these athletes have to say below. We’re confident their testimonials will genuinely reshape your perspective on the power of CBD for athletes.

1. Pickleball Star Tyson McGuffin and NBA Hall of Famer Rick Barry on CBD for Athletes


2. CBD for Plantar Fasciitis



3. CBN for Sleep: Garrett couldn’t believe he would be able to fall asleep in 20 min!


4. CBD for Joint and Muscle Discomfort


5. Mark Mculluch used Medicileaf & AloeMD to help him win his Gold Medals in pickleball!


6. Rick Barry and many others have life-changing results with CBD for Athletes

7. Triple Threat Sports Bundle helped Mike with his ankle sprain


8. Kristen Walsh’s Testimonial at the Las Vegas – Pickleball Championships


9. CBD/CBDa for Neck Discomfort – Sally’s Testimonial | Medicileaf x Pickleball


10. Bob & Alex Greene use Medicileaf for carpal tunnel, anxiety and heel problems!


There you have it, folks – straight from the athletes themselves! If these firsthand accounts don’t inspire you to embrace the potential of CBD for athletes in enhancing your overall health and wellness, we genuinely wonder what more you’re waiting for. With the pros making the switch, the benefits of CBD for athletes are crystal clear!

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