CBD for Athletes: What we’ve learned working with Pickleball Pros

3 years ago

For the longest time, athletes have had to depend on powerful painkillers, antidepressants and other medications to manage everyday sports fatigue and injuries. This dependency results in long term addiction, abuse and unwanted side effects. With the removal of CBD from the list of prohibited substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency in 2018, the sporting world was finally able to take advantage of an all-natural alternative way to manage sports and health related problems with the help of cannabinoid products.

Along with the NHL, MLB MLS and the PGA, The Professional Pickleball Association has also welcomed this switch to all-natural alternatives with open arms. With Medicileaf Inc as the Official CBD Supplier of The PPA’s Pro Tour 2021, the entire professional pickleball community has had the opportunity to immerse themselves in CBD education with an on-site booth in order to learn exactly how cannabinoids can boost recovery, enhance performance and improve overall health and wellness. As more and more athletes try and implement the variety of targeted cannabinoid products for specific health needs introduced by Medicileaf, it became clear that cannabinoids work to great effect! So much so, that top pickleball pros now swear by the power of CBD!

CBD and Pain Management for Athletes

Competition at the pro level puts extraordinary demands on the body. Pain management is the biggest problem for active athletes, especially during a tournament. It is one thing for a CBD company to claim their products can help alleviate pain, but when you have an NBA Hall of Famer like Rick Barry and a pickleball superstar like Jonny Pickleball explain how CBD has enabled them to rid their dependency on pain killers like Advil, Tylenol and Ibuprofen, it becomes much more believable.

How Pickleball Pros Use Cannabinoids

It has been very interesting to see how Pickleball professionals have incorporated the use of cannabinoid products for athletes into their daily regiments. On the one hand we have athletes getting laced up with the Medicileaf CBD Salve and the CBDA Roll-on to control inflammation and manage pain in the middle of on-going action at the tournaments.

On the other hand you have athletes that require all-natural support for Post-Match Recovery.

CBD and Sleep Health for Athletes

There’s no denying the fact that sleep is often the best form of all-natural recovery. Professional athletes understand this all too well but are often unable to take full advantage of down-time due to poor sleep health. Whether it’s the stress and anxiety of competition or other sleep related problems that is causing them to lose sleep, up until recently, athletes had to depend upon powerful sleeping pills to ensure a good night’s sleep. As we all know, sleeping pills can have long term harmful side effects and can also lead to addiction. While every athlete would want to avoid taking sleeping pills, it just wasn’t possible – until now!

The Official CBD Supplier of the PPA was able to bring to the table an all-natural sleep aid infused with not just CBD, rather another, more potent cannabinoid found naturally in the cannabis plant known as CBN. A unique formulation which provides targeted and all-natural relief is exactly what professional athletes need and in the CBN Night Cap by Medicileaf, that is exactly what they get!

Best CBD Products for Professional Athletes

With an on-going presence at the Pro Tour 2021, Medicileaf Inc has been able to introduce a variety of cannabinoid products to the pickleball community based on their unique needs. Halfway through the tour, here are the most popular cannabinoid products with the pickleball pros:

  1. Medicileaf CBD Salve

Medicileaf carries 2 variations of their trade mark CBD Salve that has been the most widely used CBD product in the tournament. The Sports Plus CBD Salve is incredibly potent with 2750 mg of Premium Grade CBD whereas the Platinum Pro Sports Salve contains an additional 2750 mg of CBG to provide extra strength muscular discomfort relief. You can expect better natural movement and fluidity in your game as you lace up with this product pre-game and it also works great as a post-match recovery option to fight inflammation and manage pain.

  1. CBDA Roll-on

Made with full spectrum hemp extract (CBDa/CBD and other cannabinoids), our formulation of this roll-on is highly effective for active athletes providing an all-natural muscle and joint discomfort ease. This roll on contains a proprietary blend of oil (amino acid and lauric acid from coconut and frankincense), organic MCT oil for coconut, organic lemongrass and lavender essential oil.

CBDa Roll-on for Muscles and Joints

  1. Gold Complex CBDA

Our “Gold Standard” full spectrum CBD tincture carries not only the benefits of regular CBD tinctures, but also an entirely new benefit matrix due to the combination of CBD and CBDa which results in an anti-inflammatory synergy that reduces muscular discomfort and swelling in a diversified fashion.

Gold Complex CBD/CBDa

  1. CBN Night Cap

Get better, deeper sleep with our CBN Nightcap, especially developed as an all-natural sleep aid to replace harmful and addictive sleeping pills. CBN is a breakthrough cannabinoid that works as a powerful sedative and when combined with naturally calming herbs/ingredients like Oleamide, Magnolol & Honokiol is guaranteed to lull you to a peaceful sleep every time!

All-Natural Sleep Aid: CBN Night Cap

  1. Topical Spray

Get all-natural relief from everyday aches and pains with our double strength topical sprays. This carefully crafted solution is ideal for everyone from super athletes to senior citizens and also works great as a hand sanitizer!

Topical Spray

The most popular cannabinoid products for Pickleball athletes are also available in discounted bundles exclusively put together for the Pickleball community and can be shopped here. To learn more about CBD and how professional athletes make the most out of this nature’s miracle, head on over and subscribe to our Youtube channel!