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Holiday Season 20222 CBD Gift Guide for People and Pets

1 year ago

Have you personally benefited from using our multi-cannabinoid products? If so, you might want to consider giving the gift of all-natural health, wellness and recovery to your loved ones this season!

Before you go shopping and avail our on-going Biggest Sale of the Year with 23% off site-wide, there’s some important aspects that you need to take into consideration. Can the person you have in mind even use cannabinoid products? How do you go about selecting which product will make the best gift?

In this article, we hope to provide you with a CBD product gift guide that will empower you to make the right decision for all kinds of people in your life. We’ll look at lifestyles and overarching pointers that will help guide you to make the right choice.

Answer These Questions Before Selecting a CBD Gift

While CBD is generally considered safe for all kinds of people and pets, there are a few questions you should consider before buying:

  • What is their age?

At the moment there is no legal minimum age for consumption of CBD products  as long as they are THC free. However, we would recommend sticking to adults when considering a CBD gift. The same applies to pets by the way!

  • Do they consume chronic medication?

In general CBD products do not counteract with most drugs and can be safely incorporated into daily use for someone on chronic medication. However, in certain cases, the effectiveness of medications may be diminished with CBD use. We would encourage you to either stick to giving it to someone you know well enough or advising the recipient to check with their doctor before using.

  • Are they already using CBD products?

If so, this is a great way to get a better idea about the type of cannabinoid product and strength to go for. If not, then our advice is to go with a low concentration for starters. For regular users, you can simply ask about the concentration they use and get them something similar.

  • Does their job or current situation conduct drug testing?

Some jobs or situations may require frequent drug testing and that might lead someone to get into trouble. The important thing to understand here is that CBD is legal to consume in all 50 states. However, if traces of THC are detected during the drug testing then that might lead to consequences. Fortunately for our customers, our products contain no detectable trace of THC so you can freely select from our entire range of THC free cannabinoid products.

Now that we have these important questions answered, lets take a look at the various different options we have for you!

While our Premium Grade CBD Tincture is a safe bet for starters, why not explore some of the more exciting options that may work better for the intended recipient. We’ve got powerful salves, creams, tinctures and even a roll-on to choose from! You can explore our Cannabinoid Bundles for hand-picked combos at a discount or read on further to home in on the perfect pick for the people and pets in your life.

Best CBD Products for Athletes & Fitness Freaks

Best CBD Products for Athletes

Professional athletes are perhaps at the forefront of driving the entire CBD market! Once they realize that CBD products can help them focus, relax and recover from everyday sports fatigue and injuries, there is just no going back!

You can go for some individual products like our highest potency Platinum Pro CBD Salve with 5500 mg CBD + CBG or the CBDA Roll-On for a handy fast acting muscular relief gift! Our recommendation would be to go for Triple Threat Sports Bundle which was put together for active athletes and focuses on muscle and joint discomfort along with stress, anxiety and overall health and wellness. What’s best is that The Sports Bundle is already heavily discounted AND we’ve got The Biggest Sale of the Year running which gives you insane savings on this bundle.

What’s in the Bundle?

Platinum Pro Sports Salve

Loaded with 2750 mg of premium grade CBD and an additional 2750 mg CBG, this product is effective as a pre and post workout remedy and may also improve one’s performance, mental clarity and reflexes over time.

CBDA Roll-on

Made with full spectrum hemp extract (CBDa/CBD and other cannabinoids), our formulation of this roll-on is highly effective for active athletes providing an all-natural muscle and joint discomfort ease.

Topical Spray

Get all-natural relief from everyday aches and pains with our double strength topical sprays. This carefully crafted solution is ideal for everyone from super athletes to senior citizens and also works great as a hand sanitizer!

Get the Triple Threat Bundle today and Save $25!

CBD Products for the Sleepless and Stressed Out

Best CBD Products for Stress

If you know someone who suffers from sleep problems due to their busy lifestyle or general stresses of life then a cannabinoid gift can be a great choice for someone in this situation!

Give the gift better, deeper sleep with our CBN Nightcap, especially developed as an all-natural sleep aid to replace harmful and addictive sleeping pills. CBN is a breakthrough cannabinoid that works as a powerful sedative and when combined with naturally calming herbs/ingredients like Oleamide, Magnolol & Honokiol is guaranteed to lull you to a peaceful sleep every time!

For general stress & anxiety we recommend going with our Premium Grade CBD Tinctures which are available in 300, 500, 100 and 1500 mg strength varieties. As stated earlier, for someone new to CBD, you might want to go with 300 to 500 mg but for a regular user and especially someone in a high stress situation you can go for 100 to 1500 mg.

Another special tincture that you can consider in this situation is our Gold Complex CBDA Tincture. Our “Gold Standard” full spectrum CBD tincture carries not only the benefits of regular CBD tinctures, but also an entirely new benefit matrix due to the combination of CBD and CBDa which increases the effectiveness of this tincture.

We also have a CBD Tincture for Pets that can make for a great gift for a pet parent. Incorporating the use of CBD for pets gives them the daily boost of wellness benefits they need. This product is especially formulated in pet-appropriate strength and is the perfect way to safely share the healing power of hemp with your canine companions!

CBD Gifts for Everyone

We hope this article helped in giving a sample of the different kind of products you can go for. If you haven’t made up your mind already why not go through our entire catalog of products and bundles to pick out the one that makes the most sense to you.

If you have any questions regarding our products please feel free to reach out at info@medicileaf.com.

Oh and don’t forget to use coupon code “SANTA” to get 23% off sit-wide!

Happy Shopping for the Holidays!