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Medicileaf takes The PPA Tour by Storm!

3 years ago

As the Official CBD Supplier of The PPA, we were right amidst the action at the kick off Foot Solutions Grand Slam in Arizona followed by the Simone Jardim PPA Florida Grand Slam. We got the opportunity to hand out Premium Grade CBD samples and introduce the Pickleball community to the health and wellness benefits of CBD. Pickleballers couldn’t get enough of Medicileaf CBD products once they experienced the results themselves! We’ve been overwhelmed by the response and are extremely thankful to the community for all the support. We hope to continue developing and improving our offering so that we can keep the pickleballers on the court!

What the Pickleballers Have to Say About Medicileaf

From muscle discomfort relief to a boost of energy and helping people sleep better to improving focus, our range of CBD products was able to deliver exactly the kind of health and wellness support the pickleballers needed. You don’t have to take our word for it though, better yet, hear it from the community!

Most Popular Products with the Pickleball Community! 

Sports Plus CBD Salve 

When you’re feeling the aches and soreness the most, we have what you need! Our CBD Sports Plus Salve is a great option for long-lasting ease. This product is effective as a pre and post workout remedy. This product may also improve one’s performance, mental clarity and reflexes over time. Especially formulated to promote circulation and absorption into the skin. You cannot over use this product. Shop the Sports Plus CBD Salve now.

CBN  Night Cap

Medicileaf CBN Night Cap has been especially developed as a sleep aid for people suffering from insomnia and general sleeplessness. With no psychoactive ingredients, it is available as a coconut oil base that absorbs quickly in the mouth and stomach. This concoction balances the natural healing powers of extracted hemp oil and the organic ingredients included. This product will lull you into a good night’s sleep, the all natural way. Buy the CBN Night Cap now.

Gold Complex CBD/CBDa

The color of our Gold Complex reflects the high quality CBDa extract that gives this product it’s potency. As the unrefined version of CBD, CBDa is found in live plants and is only converted to CBD by external means, usually heat. Although chemically similar, CBDa and CBD have different effects. The combination of the two results in an anti-inflammatory synergy that reduces muscular discomfort and swelling in a diversified fashion. Buy the Gold Complex now.

That’s all for now! Next stop: Red Rock Open, Utah 10-14 March 2021.

See you there!